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    Emergency energy in a desalination plant that supplies the water network with 250 litres of water per second

    HIMOINSA supplies several generator set models to meet the energy needs of the main water treatment and purification plant in the city of Ensenada in Mexico

    Located on the west coast of Baja California, some 80 km to the south of the border with the United States, the Mexican city of Ensenada is ensconced in a region that has a highly complex water situation due to the lack of abundant freshwater sources with which to supply the growing population in the area. That is why the construction of a desalination plant to guarantee the town's supply of drinking water has proven to be of vital importance. Currently in the initial development phase, the project guarantees a supply of 250 litres of water per second to the local water network and it is hoped that these results will double in the future.


    In order to achieve this, HIMOINSA generator sets have become the most reliable source of energy with which to guarantee supply in an emergency. The HTW 870 T6 and the HTW 2020 T6 models are generator sets with Mitsubishi engines installed in 20- and 40-foot containers, respectively. Both gensets work separately and can offer up to 3,590 kVA of power in those cases when a grid failure can jeopardise the desalination, reverse osmosis and purification processes that are applied to marine water in the new desalination plant.

    These generator sets are prepared to respond immediately in the event of an interruption in the supply of energy from the general network, thereby guaranteeing continuous supply and avoiding any alteration in the processes that take place in the water treatment plant, which might otherwise imply a restriction in the supply of water to the city.


    HTW 2020 T6

    The HTW 2020 T6 model is a medium voltage generator set that features a 2,000-litre fuel tank, guaranteeing a running time of up to 6 hours of uninterrupted work. In parallel, an external tank has been installed to ensure an even longer running time in the event of an on-going interruption in the supply.

    HTW 870 T6

    With a fuel tank that has a capacity of 1,000 litres, the HTW 870 T6 models acts as an energy lung that provides 1,085 kVA of stand-by power to the plant's facilities. This generator set features a control panel that makes it possible to prevent the voltage drop effect once power from the general grid is restored.

    Once the control unit detects that power has been restored, it sets up a flow of power from the genset in parallel to the grid, and then yields the load to it, thus ensuring that supply to the complex is kept at a constant level.

    Both models have been installed as per their container version (20- and 40 feet). As they are located close to a populated area, a soundproofed solution has been necessary to guarantee reduced noise levels.

    Desalination plant internal view

    Facilities control panels

    HTW 2020 T6 installed next to  transformer



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