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    Hospitals and emergency units require generator sets that are well-nigh infallible. The cost of a power failure in a hospital is not measured in economic terms but the highest risk of patient safety. In the event of a power cut, generator sets must provide every guarantee that they will be able to start up in a time that is so short that it barely affects whatever is happening in surgeries, bench testing, laboratories or on the hospital wards.

    HIMOINSA generator sets guarantee a 100% load response in just ten seconds.

    That means they will be able to supply all the power required within that length of time, and that they will therefore be able to respond to the security requirements that any hospital has as far as its normal operation is concerned. Given the sensitive nature of hospital spaces, HIMOINSA carries out a rigorous study of the technical requirements of each project, offering parallel power solutions, a redundant start-up system, special options for mission critical power in the control units of the generator set, soundproofing systems that guarantee the lowest possible noise emissions…

    Recent trends also show the healthcare industry is moving to a hub-and-spoke model to provide more localized care. This means ambulatory surgery centers, long-term care facilities, and hospice centers may require healthcare backup power to ensure critical procedures are not interrupted in the event of a utility outage, as well as maintain patient safety and comfort.


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