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    “Water is the driving force of all nature”. Leonardo da Vinci used these words to define the importance of this element, which is crucial to the survival of life on earth. Many countries take access to clean, quality water for granted, but we don't take a moment to think in what would happen in the case of a power outage, we would not be able to make that water drinkable or deliver it safely to our homes. 

    Generator sets are the required solution to ensure that drinking water continues flowing, and that waste can be processed in the event of a grid outage.

    At HIMOINSA we work tirelessly to offer the most suitable power solutions for each water treatment project, guaranteeing the necessary power in critical applications such as drinking water and waste water treatment plants, or desalination plants.

    Backup generator sets with a just a few seconds time response

    HIMOINSA generator sets are capable of supplying all the power required in a short period of time, allowing the uninterrupted operation of the plant and all its component systems, guaranteeing a continuous flow of drinking water to the water network.  

    A wide portfolio of power solutions able to supply both a small desalination plant in isolated towns and large-scale water processing installations in large urban centres is available. 

    In addition, as an option, they can be controlled remotely via a fleet manager kit, operated from a single mobile device, PC or tablet, for greater convenience and safety of the team responsible for the plant.


    Hydraulic infrastructures require complex engineering studies to ensure that their facilities perform correctly. For this reason, HIMOINSA, with its extensive experience in the sector, always makes its specialised technical team available to the client to provide advice, and to offer the best possible solution for each project.

    Some examples include the large water treatment plant built by the Algerian government for the city of Constantine, in which HIMOINSA supplied a standby genset to facilitate access to quality drinking water for a population of over a quarter of a million inhabitants; or the recent case of the desalination plant in Ensenada (Mexico), where soundproofed gensets ready to work in parallel have been installed in a plant that delivers 250 l/s to the water network in one of the regions of Mexico where water is most scarce.

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