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    For mission-critical systems and facilities where 100% power is vital 24/7, a backup generator power system is essential to the continuous power delivery during times of mains power failure or outages.

    "Our goal is to maintain 100% power integrity to guarantee the operation when mains power fails. It is an efficient and effective power system".

    Hospitals, data centres, telecomunications, financial building… all of them need mission critical services and reliable power systems. HIMOINSA design and manufacture diesel and gas generators, to provide back-up power for critical missions.

    The technical requirements of the standards that regulate the safety system of generator sets for installations are becoming more and more demanding. Standards such as NEF 37312 and FFS 61-940 established the necessity of redundant battery and charger sets which must be supplied by different power supply systems in order to guarantee the continuous supply of energy at any time and in the event of any type of failure.

    1MWe generator set with Yanmar engine.

    Efficiency and reliability are two words that ideally define HIMOINSA's new product which has been designed for emergency applications, primarily in such mission critical projects as hospitals, data centres, small centers…, whose power supply must be 100% guaranteed in the event of any grid failure.


    What are you waiting for?

    When longer outages occur, protect your equipment for much longer periods of time from hours to days or even weeks. We offer critical generator power system and turnkey project solution for Data Centres, Banking & Finance, Telecommunications, Hospitals, Airports…, anywhere where constant power is required to maintain normal business operations without risk to data, machinery, financial loss or even lives.

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