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    HIMOINSA specialises in providing power solutions covering all aspects of the mining industry. The flexibility of our product offerings ensures that mines are able to operate compliantly and safely from the earliest stages. From a one unit, rapid black start, emergency standby power back up, to fully managed, continuous operating, multi megawatt synchronised fleet. 

    "We can provide the expertise and technology that keeps production power on, miners safe and costs controlled."
    The mining industry is fraught with a number of operational hazards: high altitudes, low ambient temperatures and locations sometimes exceeding 200 miles from the nearest power grid. By nature of the industry, mining projects can take place anywhere, at any time. And although projects often demand efficient, sometimes 24/7 operations, access to reliable power is not always a constant.

    Mining Specifications

    Our generators for mines have anti-vibration supports, soundproofing and external connection points, with easy maintenance access for all serviceable fluids and consumables, all focused around safety for the maintenance technicians. Our genset in containers are approved by the International Organisation for Standardisation and Container Safety Convention.

    All HIMOINSA gensets are EC Mark compliant & carry quality certification ISO 9001.  Available in 20ft and 40ft packages, containerised units are coated with anti-corrosion and climate and fade resistant paint. The soundproof generators also have maintenance-free batteries for those using batteries. 

    BIG Project | 12 mw delta gold mine in zimbabwe


    Guruve District, Zimbabwe.


    12 x HYW 1275 T5 Gensets with YANMAR engines.


    570m3 Fuel farm, Fuel Consumption Management System


    Advanced diesel “spinning reserve” solution.

    HIMOINSA were selected as the turnkey supplier to provide power to the mine after submitting a thorough technical response to a complex technical solution which guaranteed reliable power security. The scope includes the integration of the utility supply as well as back-up power diesel generators and on-site operational services. In the event of multiple and consecutive grid outages, the diesel spinning reserve solution offers a greater level of reliability of supply to maintain the necessary power levels at the mine, without disruption.

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