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    The HT | Telecom range includes diesel and gas generator sets designed to be installed in base telecommunication stations (BTS), with different settings to offer a continuous or backup power supply, according to the requirements of each project.

    Power solutions for the telecommunications sector looking for reliable equipment with high autonomy, low consumption levels and long service intervals.

    YANMAR Engine | Reduce your operating costs


    The telecom generator sets are powered by Yanmar engines, considered as the engine with the lowest fuel consumption levels on the market.


    The optimisation of fuel consumption allows a reduction in operations costs. In addition, it is possible to add a special kit to extend service intervals up to 1,000 hours, guaranteeing longer autonomy. The kit includes a larger oil fuel tank that provides extra oil to the engine, which means a considerable reduction in the cost of filters and downtime.


    If you choose the integrated large fuel tank up to 1000L, it will allow uninterrupted operation for up to 14 days with no need for refuelling, thus reducing visits to the site, which means considerable savings in operating costs.


    Connectivity and remote management

    100% HIMOINSA Electronic. Remote management and control of generator sets that enables integral monitoring of your equipment fleet, detection of fuel theft alarms, incidents management, notifications and warnings..... Allows control over the status of the generator set hundreds of kilometres away from the site where it is located, thus avoiding having to travel to supervise equipment.

    Safety and reliability

    Generator sets with anti-theft protections; anti-vandalism bolts, anti-vandalism locks and protection against the entry of objects... The aim is to provide maximum guarantees that the equipment is protected against any attempt of theft, especially when they are located in remote sites with little surveillance and control. 

    ATS integrated in the canopy, with contactors or automatic transfer switch allowing automatic power transfer with the grid or other parallel connected gensets.

    Guarantees the lowest noise levels for those cases where the BTS is placed in urban areas. Choose HIMOINSA generator sets with sound attenuation systems.

    In order to guarantee the greatest durability of our equipment, we incorporate the most advanced painting and protection systems to our canopies. The generator sets located at remote telecommunications sites are exposed to rain, extreme temperatures and strong wind erosion, which can cause severe damage to the equipment, thus shortening its useful life. For this reason, we have incorporated a double coat of paint on the metal surface of the canopy. This is a zinc-rich primer prior to the final finish that gives the canopy a resistance to a 2,000-hour salt spray test according to ISO 12944, which positions our canopies as best-in-class in the international market.

    Spare parts |Available 24/7

    Access easily to the procurement of spare parts for your Telecom generator sets through our EYE | Parts platform (24/7 availability), as well as through our subsidiaries, distribution network and official sales partners. Original spare parts extend the life of your equipment. Access the spare parts overview linked to the serial number of your equipment and you will find all the spare parts you need quickly and easily.      

    HIMOINSA 'A Yanmar Company'

    When the telecommunications project requires a HIMOINSA generator set with a Yanmar engine, you have a total guarantee of quality and reliability in terms of product, service and spare parts.   

    HIMOINSA is part of the Yanmar group. The engineering and development centres of both entities work in collaboration to develop new products, optimising equipment performance to the maximum. 

    The R+D+i centres of HIMOINSA and YANMAR are interconnected and strategically located on the five continents. The industrial resources and production capacity of both companies reinforce their position as one of the leading power generation companies in the international market.

    Our Know-How

    HIMOINSA can rely on a technical-commercial team specialised in the telecommunications sector that is responsible for providing a customised follow-up for each project and brings the factory and its industrial capacity into contact with the customer. This is the only way we can guarantee the customisation of the product to the requirements and demands of each telecommunications project.

    'Companies from all over the world have trusted us for their telecommunications projects'

    Major companies such as Movistar, Telefónica, Orange, Vodafone, Huawai, Alcatel, Telconet, Entel... have trusted and continue to choose us to provide them with both technical support and the most cost-effective and reliable solutions adapted to their projects.

    Our experience in the telecommunications sector endorses us as the best option in terms of profitability, reliability and flexibility.

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