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    At HIMOINSA, we recognize the importance of taking responsible measures to reduce our impact on the natural world and contribute to a more sustainable future. Our road to net zero emissions, and carbon footprint reduction policy drives our continuous quest for innovative and eco-friendly solutions in all our operations.

    Sustainable Products | The company has in its portfolio battery-powered products such as the EHR | Battery Power Generator and the HBOX+ Hybrid lighting tower and has defined the new battery-driven solutions. HIMOINSA is also working hard to reduce its carbon footprint with more efficient and environmentally sustainable gas and diesel generator solutions.

    Waste Management and Recycling | At HIMOINSA´s facilities  we implement stringent waste management and recycling programs. We strive to minimize waste generation and promote the reuse and recycling of materials wherever possible. 

    Energy Efficiency | The company seeks ways to optimize the production processes to reduce energy consumption and lower carbon emissions. This not only benefits the natural environment but also allows us to offer more power-efficient products and solutions to our customers.

    SUstainability and environmental policy 
    iso 14001

    At HIMOINSA we have established procedures and policies to reduce the consumption of resources, such as energy and water, as well as minimizing the waste generated. Obtaining ISO 14001 certification not only allows us to comply with international environmental standards, but also contributes to the reduction of our carbon footprint and our desire to lead the way towards a cleaner and more sustainable future.
    HIMOINSA Headquarters facilities have been awarded the prestigious certificate. This achievement is a statement of our strong commitment to environmental protection and the implementation of responsible business practices. ISO 14001 is an international standard that establishes guidelines for an effective environmental management system. Obtaining this certification involves a thorough evaluation of our operations and processes, with the aim of identifying areas for improvement in terms of sustainability and minimizing environmental impact.


    Photovoltaic plants

    HIMOINSA is committed to implement ambitious projects to minimize the environmental impact of its industrial activity. This measure allows it to significantly reduce the carbon footprint of its facilities in Spain. This is a further step in its environmental policy, whose initiatives extend to all HIMOINSA's production centres around the world.

    The company is celebrating the results of the installation of photovoltaic plants at its production centres. A prime example is the installation of solar panels on the roof of its Spanish headquarters with a total capacity of 550 kW, enabling it to reduce CO2 emissions by up to 250,000 kg per year. This environmentally friendly action is the equivalent of planting 600 trees, or to not driving nearly 600,000 kilometres by car. Read more...

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    yanmar green challenge 2050

    With the Yanmar Green Challenge 2050, Yanmar declares that it will become an environmentally burden-free and GHG-free company based on recyclable resources, further strengthening its activities to realize A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE. Learn more

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