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    The pre-configured working mode selector allows the user to configure the Battery Power Generator for the different applications or modes of use: Plug & Play, Low Load, Peak Shaving, UPS, Load Sharing. And always with the goal of increasing efficiency, reducing emissions, gaining in sustainability and flexibility, and optimising energy resources. 

    Prevents generator work at low load.

    Support the genset to cover high peaks in the load.

    Improves generator life, making it always work at an optimal load level.

    Reduces fuel consumption. Better specific consumption.

    Reduces noise and CO2 emissions.

    Prevents oversizing of the group to assume point load peaks, optimizing their operation for average load.

    Plug & Play

    Diesel generators spend much of their service life running inefficiently at low loads (<30%) and at other times they are oversized to cover point load peaks, generating inefficient use of the generator, reducing its lifespan, increasing its consumption and producing significant amounts of CO2 to the environment.

    Low Load

    Most of the time, diesel generators spend much of their service life inefficiently running at low loads (<30%), resulting in pollution and fuel waste.

    Peak Saving

    In another case the generators are subjected to point load spikes above the optimum power (>70%) that make the generator have to be oversized in order to be able to assume them which leads to increased operating costs, higher fuel consumption and higher CO2 emissions.


    Provides power in case of power failure reaching a response time of 20ms. Perfect for critical sectors during power outages.

    Load Sharing

    In the event that we need an additional working source with our group or network, we can synchronize the output powers with the EHR providing the additional power that is needed.

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