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    In terms of autonomy & lighting  footprint thanks to its dimming system that can automatically regulate the different variables and select, in a flexible way, the best working mode according to each case.

    Emissions & Noise

    The HBOX+ Hybrid reduces up to 2600kg/year of CO2 and has been designed to maximise battery working time ensuring máximum ‘zero noise’ operating time.

    Ease of Use 

    Its CET8 Hybrid control unit incorporates an smart control system that, through the 'assistant', manages the features of the hybrid system, ensuring easy set up and operation.

    OPEX Optimization

    The design of the HBOX+ Hybrid offers the user the capability to reduce engine running hours to a minimum with a very positive impact on opex optimisation.

    The HBOX+ Hybrid combines a battery and diesel engine (Stage V) system, incorporating a smart control system that manages the hybrid system features, thus ensuring ease of use for any user.

    Best in class 

    Discover the competitive advantages and lighting footprint of a battery-powered hybrid system.

    The new HBOX+ Hybrid lighting tower, which is powered by an LFP battery and Yanmar engine (Stage V), offers the advantages of a hybrid system in terms of carbon footprint reduction, without having to sacrifice the benefits of the 100% diesel version, including its ample wide lighting footprint.

    Reduce Emissions & Noise 

    The HBOX+ Hybrid can can reduce up to 2600 kg/year of CO2, operating eight hours/day in hybrid mode.

    Designed to offer the user the possibility of maximising battery operating time, minimising engine use, and thus guaranteeing as much ‘zero noise’ operating time as possible which can be easy and intuitive selected through the 'assistant'. The smart control system will automatically manage the equipment’s best performance based on the hours defined by the user for this ‘zero noise’ period.

    Ease of Use | Peace of Mind 

    CET8 HYBRID | Smart control system developed by HIMOINSA that manages the hybrid system functions, thus ensuring ease of use for operators. 
    Incorporates an assistant that guides the user for easy setup and operation.

    OPEX Optimisation

    The HBOX+ Hybrid offers the option to include a second battery, doubling its storage capacity and minimising engine operating hours, which has a highly positive impact on OPEX optimisation, fuel consumption savings, and extending service intervals.

    Equipament | Efficiency and Best Performance 

    LED Technology

    1.400 W | 210.000 Lumens.
    50x50 SMD Chip Technology.

    • Easy to adjust
    • Tool´free handling
    • Anti-theft | Lamps lock

    LFP Battery (LiFePO4)

    Life Cycles: 6000 cycles.
    Its recharging time is just over 3h (with lamps ON).

    Extended run time compared with others battery technologies.

    Yanmar Engine

    2TNV70 | 2 Cylinders Engine
    STAGE V.

    Service Interval | 600 hours.

    FOC | 0,55 l/h(*)
    Lowest fuel consumption.

    Find out more about HBOX+ Hybrid



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