1MW Generator | HRYW 1275 D5/6

Dual Frequency 


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HIMOINSA has developed with YANMAR, its parent company, the generator HRYW 1275 D5/6.  A Dual-Frequency model, with Yanmar engine in a 20' container, offering to the rental market one of the most competitive products in terms of fuel consumption.

Control & Connections:

1. Parallel control Unit (Deep Sea 8610 MKII)

2. Power panel with safety protection in output terminals box (open thermal magnetic protection and alarm).

3. Door with window to visualize control panel, alarms and measurements.

Cooling System:

4. H-configuration radiator with suction fan and split cooling circuit for two heat exchanger cores. Cool the engine with an ambient temperature of 50º.

5. A remote electro-radiator with variable speed drive (Schneider Altivar). Reduce fuel consumption, adapting the fan speed to load levels and environmental conditions.

Electric System:

6. Starter battery/ies installed (cables and bracket included). Optima Yellow Top 75Ah Battery | CCA 900A. Maintenance-free and anti-explosion battery.


7. ISO corners for lifting and anchoring during transportCSC approval.

8. Bounded base frame and soundproofing provided by high-density volcanic rock wool.

9.Reinforced chassis for heavy range with fuel tank integrated. It includes Silent-block with anti-corrosion protection between the genset and the chassis.

10. Internal exhaust silencer

11. Emergency stops

Battery Charger.  (Standard on automatic control panels)

Battery Isolator.

Led Lamp Inside.

Door with wide access to radiator and the fuel tank.

Access door for cleaning of the heat exchanger core.

Variable Speed drive for the electrical radiator.

Heat extraction fans with variable speed drive.

Fuel tank refilling and three-way valve (quick connetors).

Access to fill radiator through the roof.

Heat isolated engine parts (exhaust manifold compensator and turbo).


Engine preheating with pump | Optional

Water separation filter | Optional

Oil level maintainer kit | Optional.  (Valve + tank)

Oil extraction pump.

Smoke detector with light and acoustic alarm.

Heavy duty air filter.


The AY40 engines incorporate the exclusive YANMAR patented “ASSIGN” combustion technology that ensure best-in-class fuel consumption for the entire operating profile, with a highly reliable mechanical control system, significantly reducing smoke emissions.

  • Integrated heat exchanger for charge air cooling. It favours the reponse to load impacts and facilitates remote cooling guaranteeing fuel savings.
  • Electronic Controller (Woodward). Keeps the frecuency stable and allows a fast response against sudden load changes.
  • Excellent Mechanical Power to Displacement Ratio.                                      Power  Density: 27kw/L. Guarantees high power with reduced volume. 
  • Excellent response to load impacts50Hz: G1-60%   G2-55%    G3:50%     60Hz: G1-75%   G2- 60%   G3:60%

This is the first HIMOINSA heavy duty generator set with a Yanmar engine, which has been designed in close collaboration between the engineering teams of Yanmar and HIMOINSA with the aim of achieving high levels of quality, resistance and the maximum performance required to meet the needs of the power generation marketHIMOINSA joined the Yanmar Group in 2015 and since then the industrial and commercial synergy between the two companies has intensified to strengthen their position in the international market.

Reference Projects

The HRYW-1275 D5/6 model has supplied power to large events, mining projects in South Africa and various applications in desert areas in the Middle East, withstanding extreme temperatures. The results obtained have corroborated its excellent performance in the most demanding projects. 

Mad Cool Festival Madrid | Spain

The AY40 supplied energy in P.R.P. to different points of the festival site. Its parallel control unit meant that it could be connected to other groups, thereby guaranteeing the necessary power at all times.

Mina de carbón de Newcastle  | South Africa

For about a month, the generator set runs 24/7 without interruption in extreme environmental conditions. The high temperatures, the dusty environment of the coal and the variable power loads demonstrated the robustness and high quality of this generator set.

Other Projects:



South Africa