Quieter Generator Sets, with even more running time for the rental sector

HIMOINSA's engineering team has envisaged important enhancements for applications within the rental sector. The range includes generator sets that use engines from Yanmar, FPT and Scania. They cover a power range between 20 and 550 kVA.

GENSETS DESIGNED TO WORKIN LOCATIONS WITH GREATERACOUSTIC RESTRICTIONS, specially in urban areas. Silent Plus generator sets, in addition to complying with the Stage IIIA emission regulations, guarantee a noise level of around 60 dB(A)@7m. Mainly focused on the events sector, the Silent Plus range guaranteeslow levels of sound emissions thanks to a more optimized design of theair intakes and outputs, the addition of a dual core exhaust system, andtop-quality insulating materials..

DUAL CORES exhaust system: reduces sound emissions by optimizing the space available in the canopy.

High soundproofing levels

Canopy soundproofed with high-density,100mm thick rock wool.

Control panel insulation

It remains insulated from the rest of the compartment to avoid noise emissions when the door is opened to manipulate the panel.

Power outles

Powerlock outlets (optional) with 100% of the genset's rated kW capacity, for quick, simple and safe connection.

Simplify the maintenances

Steps and hand-grips that facilitate access for maintenance purposes in largest models

Rain  protections

All the canopy's attachment points have a special seal to prevent water from getting in.

Coolant sensors 

Generator sets with FPT and Scania engines include low level coolant sensors for an even more accurate control. (Optional in Yanmar series.)


More than four working days without refueling, thanks to high-capacity tanks and engines with electronic injection control.

Silent Plus
Generator sets: Diesel
Powered by YANMAR
Prime 20 - 42 kVA
Standby 22 - 46 kVA
50 Hz 1.500 rpm Prime kVA
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Silent Plus
Generator sets: Diesel
Powered by FPT_IVECO
Prime 60 - 301 kVA
Standby 63 - 330 kVA
50 Hz 1.500 rpm Prime kVA
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Silent Plus
Generator sets: Diesel
Powered by SCANIA
Prime 500 - 501 kVA
Standby 546 - 550 kVA
50 Hz 1.500 rpm Prime kVA
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