Generator sets for manufacturing

The manufacturing sector comprises various industries such as mining, public service, oil & gas, offering enormous growth potential for generator sets. It is forecasted that by 2020, the manufacturing sector will consume 201,847MW of electricity, 70% of which are produced by power generators.

In manufacturing sector, a power outage may cause large equipment to cease operations, or even damage, resulting in significant financial loss. Power failures severely affect the daily operation of industries such as oil refineries, oil extraction and mining as well as power stations. In HIMOINSA, we manufacture a comprehensive range of generator sets to provide you the most reliable standby power.

The Wuhu plant of Xinyi Glass Holdings applies three HIMOINSA HTW-2030 T5 HV generator sets powered by Mitsubishi engines to provide backup power to its production lines. The plant equipped with an electric melting furnace where multiple pairs of electrodes are immersed in melted glass. Electric current flows between these electrodes, triggering the Joule effect, thus producing heat. If the high-voltage three-phase AC fail, and the 350oC operation temperature cannot be assured, the furnace will be damaged resulting in severe losses.

This is when standby power supply is paramount. The three HTW-2030 generator sets produce up to 5.4MW of electricity, maintaining the electrical heating in the furnace, minimizing the possibility of any accident. Xinyi Glass Holdings is very satisfie