Generator sets for commercial premises

 China's commercial real estate boom in recent years has created a new economic structure. The development and leasing of primarily commercial buildings, functional sectors and regional facilities have attracted various types of enterprises, bringing in additional sources of tax revenue, and boosting regional economic growth. Office buildings account for approximately 10% of total annual power consumption in China, with full-year consumption for most at more than 1 million KWH. As such, reliable power supply is paramount to commercial premises. In general, commercial premises (represented by super skyscrapers in particular) are equipped with two independent power sources. However, those with significant loads should take into consideration occasions when one power source system is undergoing an overhaul or fails, while the other fails at the same time. It is at these critical junctures that diesel generator sets are generally used as the emergency power supply.

As a long-term source of standby power supply for buildings in medium-sized and large cities, HIMOINSA generator sets aim to help China's real estate sector develop. Maple Park and Huitong Times Square in Beijing are typical examples. At Maple Park, the installation of the generator sets at the basement of the buildings tests the environmental adaptiveness of HIMOINSA's units, which must be able to cope with underground humidity and temperatures, and swiftly start up and operate at 100% load in the event of a power outage. At Huitong Times Square, HIMOINSA's generator sets supplement the normal operations of the fire safety system. These units are installed in the buildings, which have strict noise restrictions. With its noise reduction features, HIMOINSA's silent generator sets meet customer requirements perfectly.

In commercial premises, the building is the fundamental platform which encompasses an extensive range of content, such as communications, offices, and building equipment automation. It also brings together system structures, services, management, and its most optimal combination, creating a superior all-round office and living environment. Electricity consumption is all-pervading, used in offices, for the operation of passenger elevators, and for lighting in meeting rooms, and retail areas of large department stores. As such, any power outage because of high electricity loads will result in significant economic losses. Hence, special attention must be placed on managing and controlling the energy efficiency of smart buildings. The focus of managing energy consumption lies in reasonable monitoring and management, as well as the application and management of standby generator sets.

As China continues to urbanize, the real estate sector (represented by super skyscrapers in particular) will become increasingly demanding of energy efficiency assurance. In this regard, generator sets will be increasingly used as standby power supply in various projects, contributing to industry growth.