Generator Sets for Transportation

Reliable backup power supply is critical to highways to ensure safety and prompt deployment. Imagine a sudden power outage occurred in a highway tunnel during peak hours, and what could the irreparable harm result?

Generator sets are best choices to deal with such circumstances. Not only used in tunnels, generator sets are also widely applied at bridges, toll stations and service points. In HIMOINSA, we provide comprehensive range of generator sets, best service and expertise for all transportation applications, to ensure the reliable backup power supply.

                 Highway Service Point

                      Highway Toll Station

                             Highway Bridge

In addition to expressways, HIMOINSA has been involved in China's railway development for more than a decade, playing a critical role in providing standby power to numerous railway lines such as the Nanning-Kunming High-Speed Railway. HIMOINSA's technical, design, integration and production competencies, as well as its professional project management and service capabilities are perfectly reflected in dispatch centers, stations, vehicle maintenance and other applications where generator sets are required.

The Nanning-Kunming High-Speed Railway Command Center is a case in point. Its location in the city center requires minimum noise emission from the engine room. HIMOINSA is able to meet both regulatory and customer requirements by effective noise control through top quality insulation made of volcanic wool and canopy that undergoes special treatment.

Nanning-Kunming High-Speed Railway Dispatch Center

                               Railway Station

                      Railway Maintenance

China's economy is witnessing a rapid development, and the Chinese government has clearly stated its strategy to 'build a transportation superpower'. The outstanding achievements in high-speed railway development as well as the advanced transportation system national-wide are in the industry's top echelons across the globe. The government will continue to enhance the transportation network, lead the industry by technological innovation, state-of-the-art design and top level engineering, to consistently raise the quality of public transportation services. Going forward, HIMOINSA's generator sets will play an increasingly prominent role in expressways, high-speed rails, railways and other transportation projects in China, contributing to the rapid growth of the nation's transportation.